Sunday, November 11, 2012

let everyone knows

Assalamualaikum ! *sekuat hati !

heee, long time no see bro !

ive just finished my third years of foundation,
next year will be taking degree insyaAllah.

Allah, m afraid of result to come out. hope everythings will be fine.

dont want to repeat any kind of papers because it will take time to study the past subjects while every0ne starts to learn the new subject..

no mannn !! tak moh tak moh..

insyaAllah. everythings gonna be fine.

orait, i knew that now ramai yang tengah cuti isnt ?

suruhan saya :

tolong lah, tolonggggg lah ..find and learn something new.
dont just let ur time being passed without anything inside.

such a waste.

now, JOMMMMMM !!!

cari ilmu.

till here, bye !

oh..frgt to say this..


hehe, gunakan sebaik mungkin ;)

salam wbt